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February 16, 2011

Education 2020

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Everyone learns differently in the classroom. Some pass and some fail due to the learning strategies of the individuals. Education 2020 is a virtual classroom for people who learn at their own pace. This site is available 24/7 so students can access information anytime them feel like learning or doing assignment or tests. This website and program is focused towards students are failing school and may have to drop out. Education helps to lead more knowledgeable future and to help find jobs. They offer course in math, science, language arts, social studies and electives to middle and high school students. People who failed courses in an actual classroom are able to have the opportunity to recover the lost credits using Education 2020.

This diagram shows the aspects of learning in a virtual classroom entail and shows that they are all connected to each other to help a student become successful in education. The identity issue and social media work well with this example of how online learning can give students a way of speaking their mind that felt they were not able to before. This site however still uses teaches to come up with a curriculum that will benefit students and provide them with links that can further enhance their knowledge and interest into the courses. Something that is very helpful about education2020 is that students are able to receive immediate feedback during activities and are able to track their progress and performance from any computer. Students are not limited to the one teacher that is running the course; students are able to receive additional support from a new teacher tutorial if they please for any reason. Each person receives their own lesson plan to benefit them and the lives they are living.

This is a link to a video that was posted on Education2020’s website that helped to understand that people are learning something from virtual classrooms. The video showed an example of students in the range of Highland Park in Detroit.  79% of the students in this region graduated on time, which is 34% above their neighboring district. 76% of that 79% were originally dropouts. It is surprising to see just how much certain things can help to improve a person’s attitude towards school and learning. (Education2020)

By: Stephanie H


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  1. The website Education 2020 sounds like a really interesting concept. I think it can be a great learning tool for those who do better when working at their own pace. I personally would suffer in an environment like this since I strive on having more strict deadlines for my work. However for those that need the more relaxed pace to help them get the work done and do well it would certainly be a great tool. It also really shows how much our education system has advanced in the past few years and how it can and will continue to change. Using the internet and sites such as this seem to be the new normal. This site also seems to be very flexible for people who are returning to “school” to further their education. Imagine you are a parent or you already have a job but want to gain more education. Using a tool such as Education 2020 could help you balance your normal life while still allowing you to gain a higher education.

    I think it is great that this site also allows students to interact with numerous teachers so that they can get help quicker as well as a more well-rounded opinion on their work or any questions they ask. It is smart way to help people learn to the best of their ability in a comfortable and flexible environment.

    Comment by Rachel Q — February 21, 2011 @ 11:33 am | Reply

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