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February 16, 2011

Elearning 2.0

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Web 2.0 uses current and newer technology for sharing information over the Internet. Elearning 2.0 is being introduced in education. What is elearning 2.0 one may ask; well it uses new technology for distributing and sharing knowledge. Wikis are considered to be an elearning 2.0 technology that promotes and facilitates learning. Some teachers are trying out Wikis to introduce their students to new teaching methods that will broaden their horizons.

What are Wikis for those who are unsure of the term? Well they are a web site that collects and organizes content that is created and revised by its users. Wikipedia is the most well known example. Teachers are influencing their students to start using it as a way to communicate with others their research and insight into subjects. However not all wikis allow everyone to alter the information that is posted on them like Wikipedia does. Some only allow register users to alter the information, which would be very good to use for classroom purposes. The ultimate goal of them is to make information easily accessible for people so that guidance and tips can be made to solve problems in needed or comments to provide further information. (Malamed)

People use Wikis in education for certain reasons. Some of those reasons are that the software either has no cost or if it has a cost it is very low. The contributors are allowed to add to the account independently of each other so that more than one person can be altering the Wikis at a time. Topics of any kind can be discussed through them especially for the purpose of learning and education. People seem to also like them because they are easy to search and navigate through. This website provides a few more advantages of using Wikis as well as some general tips to making them successful.

Wikis can be a useful tool when it comes to education for the purpose of learning, experiencing and engaging in ideas. Students are allowed to provide as much information as they would like and even team up with other students to create Wikis pages for assignments, study notes even, experiences and a whole lot more information that they would want to share. People need to experience social media, how it works and how it can benefit everyone, especially when it comes to learning for educational reasons.

By: Stephanie H


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  1. Using Wikis in a classroom sounds like a great idea. I found this Youtube video where a teacher and some of her students explain how they incorporate a Wiki into their class. It is really interesting how they were able to comment on each other’s stuff as well as to add annotations to any particular lines of writing that they liked. Their example is through analyzing a poem online and each student was able to go in and highlight and write comments about it to discuss. It sounds similar to what we use at Sheridan College, SLATE, where you can post discussions and comment on each other’s posts but their program seems a bit more flexible in how you can interact. Either way I think they are a great tool to help students learn in a variety of ways.

    Comment by Rachel Q — February 22, 2011 @ 5:07 pm | Reply

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