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February 16, 2011

Oh, you graduated from so-and-so-dot-com?

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Often, when the question of education is raised, online grads seem to face skepticism about their degree. Friends, colleagues and even perspective employees can ask this question. Sometimes this question can also cost some embarrassment, argument or even a career. Here are some tips on how to spare yourself some uncomfortable minutes when asked where you got your degree from.

Add a little bit of pride in the answer.

Online education is an emerging trend and in a few years you will be treated as one of the most innovative people.  See it this way: you have tried something that no one else dared to. Even though you did not go to any of the traditional schools with the fancy names is does not mean you cannot get a job. On the other hand, you still paid money, read books and completed the assignments. Being confident is key in the interview; it is all about how much you are sure that you are right for a job. At the end of the day, there have been cases when people with no education were hired, so go ahead and impress your employer.

You are still an equally accredited professional.

That is true, if you have chosen wisely, your education is equal to the formal blackboard and desks version of it. Most of the distance schools are fully accredited and comply with educational standards of the province, state or country they are physically located in. In a word, if school offers a course, it must comply with some regulation, and if this is what is required for a job, then you must be considered equally qualified for it with the other applicants that graduated from traditional schools.

You are actually better than them in a way.

So while others were strictly regulated by attendance policies and scheduled classes, you had to find the time for studying and projects. Therefore, by choosing to obtain your degree online you are also getting some valuable experience in balancing your time between school and possible full time employment or other duties. Also, after taking online courses you are probably more technologically advanced than people who took usual classes. So, with all that, you should not be shy of your “fictitious” degree.

By: Yuliana Zaborova


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