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February 16, 2011

Teaching With Twitter

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On Thursday February 3, 2011 and interesting episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired on TV. On the episode Twitter was being used to broadcast a surgery that was taking place at the hospital, Seattle Grace. Every step taken in the procedure was being tweeted about in 140 characters or less. This link

This link tells the episode in more depth and how Twitter could be beneficial in the education process. Twitter was being used as a teaching tool to show medical students and others who wanted to learn the thought process and actions. Followers were allowed to ask questions, share their advice and provide useful information as the surgery was in progress.  At the end of the episode Twitter came in handy and helped to save a patients life by others finding a hospital that had a certain piece of equipment that could save the person from dying. Just so readers understand who do not watch this show, the chief surgeon doing the surgery elected a ‘designated tweeter’ so that they could focus on saving the patient.

The idea behind this show was to give evidence that Twitter could be useful. People are skeptical about using it and what value it holds. People most commonly use it update the world on what they are doing at that present moment. In this episode Twitter it won its case and proved that is be useful beyond anyone any other type of social media and conversation. What had to be kept in mind is that this show is fictional but it did go to show that is has value and is a potential tool for teaching. It would be able to teach people without any barriers. (Puri)

By: Stephanie H


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  1. Although I never saw that episode it certainly made use of a great resource. Although I am not sure that Twitter, at least at this present time, would be used in a case such as it was on Grey’s Anatomy, it is still an interesting concept. To use something that is free and has access to millions of people instantly to help save the life of a patient is definitely a smart move. As for using Twitter in schools, it is a much more realistic idea. Many teachers have been trying to find way to incorporate social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter into their classroom. This link gives a list of way in which Twitter specifically could be used in a class setting to encourage participation and interaction between students. I think teachers would be smart to join this Twitter sensation and to take advantage of all it has to offer.

    Comment by Rachel Q — February 21, 2011 @ 10:41 am | Reply

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