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February 16, 2011

Will Teachers Be Needed in 2020?

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With the use of technology being incorporated into education some wonder whether or not computers will ever replace teachers. The answer to that is NO. It may be hard to understand and pay attention to teachers sometimes but they can be more helpful sometimes. Computers are hardy and will help to enhance the learning experience in classrooms around the world. What happens when computers malfunction, provide errors, black outs happen or they stop working? My goodness, well that is where teachers come in real handy. They are there to teach and help children to decide and function for themselves instead of relying on a piece of machine. In the world of today and the future, schools are preparing children to work with the technology they will be using in their future careers. Everything learned in school is used to help people build futures. If people are not able to rely on themselves when failure happens who knows how they will function.

Besides some teachers make the lessons worth going to. A lecture is just words unless the teacher brings it to life with enthusiasm and charisma. The world of social media and the Internet exist to help provide more answers to questions that cannot always be answered in the classroom but usually it is just words on a screen. A wonderful teacher can make all the difference when if comes to remembering what was taught. No matter how far technology grows teachers will always be needed.

This is a link to a debate on “should computers replace teacher?”

It is interesting how many people think that computers will never fully take over a teachers job. What people like most about being in a real classroom is the social aspect of it and especially the teachers who inspire students. One person in this debate made an interesting point about how in no communication skills are used if computers were to replace teachers that respect could fly out the window. People do not have the patience sometimes when it comes to technology because they get tired of waiting or something does not work out so well. When a person is in a social atmosphere they are more likely to more patience and respect because there is personal connection. (Chris)

By: Stephanie H



  1. I completely agree with your stand point for keeping teachers in classrooms. Not only do they offer a social aspect to education but they provide you with real life knowledge and experience that no amount of technology could ever replace. As humans we learn through making mistakes and from our own experiences as we grow older and that is one of the most valuable aspects of having a teacher. Especially at a college or university level, they have been in the field or something similar to that which you are heading towards and they can give you advice based on what they have experienced in that industry.

    As useful as computers and the Web 2.0 can be in a classroom setting, it is still very much so required to have a human as the head of the class to guide the students. This site also offers some opinions as to whether teachers should be replaced entirely by technology. Right now the poll stands at 80% against teachers being replaced and 20% for them being replaced. It also offers numerous ideas and comments from both sides as to why they feel this way. It is certainly an interesting debate, but I would find it hard to believe that teachers could ever be fully taken out of classrooms.

    Comment by Rachel Q — February 21, 2011 @ 11:01 am | Reply

  2. I also agree with you, since nothing in the world so far can replace the real teacher.In any form of learning, there has to be someone who will be more knowledgeable and pass the knowledge along, and that is who teachers are. However, I am thinking that the classroom settings can change a little bit. May be teachers will email things or videoconference, however, there is no way teachers will be replaced by anything.

    Comment by Yuliana Zaborova — February 23, 2011 @ 10:12 pm | Reply

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